Featured: First 9 years of National Masters News

Shown are the first 10 front pages of National Masters Newsletter. Starting in the summer of 1977 with Bob Fine as editor, what eventually became National Masters News (in January 1982) began a run that continues to this day. Al Sheahen of California soon took over and produced the monthly newspaper that would bind the masters movement for decades. Publication of complete copies of the early years is possible thanks to the Sheahen estate and cooperation of the late Randy Sturgeon, who as NMN publisher granted us permission to post these priceless documents.

Welcome to the Museum of Masters Track & Field!

Masters track and field has a rich history, and this site is dedicated to preserving it. Literally thousands of pages of material can be found here, including virtually all World and American championship meet results. They are collected all in one place for the first time as a tribute to the athletes, officials and masters leaders who made it possible. This site will grow. So have patience as we build the online masters museum first envisioned by Andy Hecker. Enjoy! And let us know what you think.

Special thanks to David Pain and Randy Sturgeon

USA masters founder and pioneering meet director David Pain and National Masters News Publisher Randy Sturgeon have provided immense help with this archive site. David's contributions include his vast memorabilia and United States Masters International Track Team newsletters from the 1970s and 1980s, and Randy has shared many results from back copies of his monthly newspaper. Both were instrumental in creation of this site, and the committee salutes them for their assistance in helping bring together extremely valuable documents and data.

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Anyone with masters track and field material that might be appropriate for this archive may contact any of the committee members or write Jeff Davison at P.O. Box 8031, Laguna Hills, CA 92654, or email him at

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